Data Import

How do I transfer data from my Accu-Chek® Guide into mySugr?


Easy peasy!


First steps:


  • Is your iPhone’s Bluetooth on? If not, please turn it on.
  • Open the mySugr app and go to “Connections” in the tab menu located at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the Accu-Chek Guide and activate it.


  • First, turn on Location Services for the mySugr app during the pairing process. You can turn it back off once you're done. Settings > Apps > mySugr > Location Services. Be sure it's turned on.
  • Open the mySugr App and find "Connections" in the tab menu located at the bottom of the screen
  • Bluetooth will be automatically activated on your smartphone if it's not currently active.


Further steps:

  • Turn on your meter.
  • Go into “Settings” on the meter, 
  • Select “Wireless” then “Pairing” then “Pair Device” and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new wireless connection.
  • Watch for a pairing notification on your smartphone (popup message or notification center).
  • Enter the code from your meter to your smartphone to confirm the pairing.
  • Pairing and activation was successful - Your meter is now connected to the mySugr App!

You can return to the mySugr homescreen by tapping on "My trend" in the tab menu located at the bottom of the screen


To transfer readings from your meter into Logbook manually, tap on “My Data” then “Data Transfer” and finally “Wireless”.


Tip: On the Accu-Chek Guide meter you can enable the “Auto-Send” function to automatically send your blood glucose value to mySugr Logbook after each measurement (if Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone). Auto-Send is found under "Settings" and "Wireless".

All values since the last import will be synchronized into mySugr Logbook. After syncing you can edit the readings as desired (add carbs, insulin, notes, etc.).


mySugr Logbook is pretty smart about importing values. All entries with the same blood glucose value and a similar time (+/- 10 minutes) will be merged together.




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We can support following devices:

(Android Version 9.0.+)

(iOS Version 16.2+)


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