Saying Goodbye to mySugr Junior

It is with deep regret that we have to confirm it: mySugr Junior has been retired from the app stores. We know you all have some questions, and we hope to answer them here.



The new operating systems require a much higher quality of graphics than the Junior app is built with now, so it is no longer compatible.


What will happen to our data?

Your data is still safe with us. All we need for you to do is to download the mySugr app and sign in with the same email you are using for the Junior app now. All of your data you have saved into mySugr Junior will be migrated over into the mySugr app within the next days.


What about email notifications? We rely on that in the Junior app!

Unfortunately, we do not have email notifications in the mySugr app at this time. However, we do have multiple device sync, so that when a reading is saved on one device, anyone using the app and signed into the same account on another device can see the data as well. 


Will we still be able to email reports?

Yes! We will be giving you access to mySugr Pro for free for a year. With Pro, you not only will have access to photos, lots of tag options, search features, and much more detailed logging abilities, but you'll also be given access to the Pro reports as well. 


If you have any other questions for us, please write to us at We'll be happy to chat with you!