mySugr Account Migration to Roche

I receive errors when migrating my mySugr account to my Accu-Chek account (RocheOne)

Please note: The content in this section is relevant only for Chile, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and Peru


Error 409 and Error 401


The Error (409) happens when you have already created an Accu-Chek account with the intended email address, which can happen during this migration process.


Instead of selecting "Create Account," please select "Login" and log in with the email and password you created previously. If you do not remember the password you have created, please use "Forgot Password" from the login page.


If you do need to reset your password, be sure to use a different password from what you think you have used before to avoid receiving another error, which is Error (401).


White screen when trying to migrate 


One trick we have found that works for some of our users when they experience a white screen when trying to migrate their account is to disable the pop-up blocker in your device's web browser. Here are links for iPhone's Safari and Android's Google Chrome:


Apple / iPhone / iPad

Android / Google Chrome


You may need to start the process over by hard closing your app and reopening it once your pop-up blocker has been disabled. 


It says alphabetical characters only but my name is hyphenated or filled out correctly


If your name has a hyphen and wont let you proceed, this is an issue we are raising with our developers at this time. For now, please complete the registration with your last name as one, and we'll work on an update that can allow for the proper formatting. 


Also please be sure there are no spaces before or after your name and that you do not use your devices autofill option as this can also cause the registration to not work. 

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