What exactly is the weekly report?

It's a personalized review of your monster-taming week! In other words, it's a quick summary of your overall diabetes management for the past seven days, and an at-a-glance look at how many days you met your point goal (tamed your diabetes monster)!

Each day you reach 50 points (by working on your diabetes management goals) you tame your monster. If you tame your monster 5 days out of the last 7, the weekly report would show a scorecard of "5 : 2" (score 5 days for you, and 2 days for your diabetes monster). Ideally, you want this to say "7 : 0"! No sweat, right? :-)

Next you'll see a breakdown of your diabetes data. This area is awesome because you get a quick summary of how it compares to the previous week's data, so you can see whether things improved, or if you need to take a closer look at anything. You can also see a grand total of physical activity time for the week. Nice, eh?

Next is a fun platform with a sneak peek into the monster tamers at the mySugr office... who will win this week?