Data Import

How do I transfer BG values from the Beurer GL50 evo meter into mySugr Logbook?

Easy peasy (only available in Germany and Italy)!

  • With Bluetooth active/enabled on your smartphone, open mySugr Logbook and find "connections" in the menu located at the bottom of your screen
  • Select the Beurer GL50 and activate it
  • Check if the Bluetooth cap is on your meter. Select "all values" in the meter menu
  • You'll see some values from the meter memory on the meter's display
  • The logbook app should be connected with the meter now (checkmark will be green now)
  • A pairing pop-up will appear on your display or notification center
  • Enter the code (you can find the code on the packaging of your meter / Bluetooth cap. The code is 982249)
  • Say yes to the pairing
  • The logbook app will import the values from your meter


All values since the last import will be transferred into mySugr Logbook. After syncing you can edit the readings as desired. Add carbs, insulin and anything else you'd like to add.

mySugr Logbook is pretty smart about importing values. All entries with the same blood glucose value and a similar time (+/- 10 minutes) will be merged together. No double entries. Is that nice or what?

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