How does the logbook app calculate my estimated hba1c?

Easy peasy!


Your logged data is used to estimate your HbA1c.
You don't even have to crunch any numbers. We do it all for you (along with average and average standard deviation) in mySugr Logbook.


From now on, the top right of your graph will display your estimated HbA1c – assuming you've logged enough blood glucose values. How many values do you need?

  • An approximate average of 3 BG's per day, consistently, over seven days. Don’t miss more than three days of logging, or you’ll have to start over.

Without enough data, the estimated HbA1c level is not displayed.The progress bars around the circle fill as you log more BG’s. Keep feeding mySugr Logbook data, and you’ll have your estimated HbA1c in no time.

But please, keep in mind that this is an estimate and may differ from the laboratory value. Enter more values and mySugr Logbook can do a better job estimating.