How do I use the Bolus Calculator?

Before you can use the bolus calculator, you have to personalize a few settings and agree to the Terms of Service (TOS). You can find the calculator settings in the Profile & Settings option in the side menu.


  • First, open the side menu
  • Tap on Profile & Settings.
  • Depending on your device, the switch to turn on the Bolus Calculator is under Insulin Therapy on iOS devices, and under the Settings tab on Android.
  • Here, you can turn it on.
  • Once you have turned it on, tap on Bolus Calculator Settings to set it up with your personal settings.


Be as accurate as you can while filling out the settings. The more accurate they are, the more accurate the Bolus Calculator result will be.


If you want to change any of the Bolus Calculator settings later, you'll find these in the Logbook Profile & Setting section in the side menu. There you can also disable the bolus calculator completely.



Then, let the bolus calculator do the work in a few simple steps:


  • Create a new entry
  • Enter a blood sugar and / or carbohydrates
  • Tap the calculator icon beside the "bolus (food)" field
  • The Bolus Calculator displays a suggested insulin dose
  • Tap on the green calculator icon to accept the suggestion
  • The insulin dose details are automatically added to your entry
  • You can add more info to your entry, of course. Like a meal description, tags, sports and so on. Save the entry when you’re finished, and tada! And you didn’t have to do all that math in your head. Fancy, right?


The Bolus Calculator will also keep track of active insulin on board from this bolus, and factor it in for any upcoming correction boluses, where applicable. It's not visibly seen on the dashboard, though, but no worries - we're keeping track of it!


Please note: the bolus calculator does not take other factors such as activity, sickness, stress, etc, into the calculation. It only calculates based on basic insulin factors: Carbohydrate Factor, Correction Factor, and Insulin Sensitivity Factor.


Bolus calculator is only available in Europe!