Data Import

How can I import CGM Data into Logbook?



Getting your Dexcom CGM data* into the mySugr app on iOS is really easy to do!**

(We currently cannot import data from Medtronic CGM or Libre FGM devices.)


First, be sure that your Dexcom app is set to share your data to Health:

Follow this link is for instructions on how to share your Dexcom Data with Apple Health


Next, once you have the connection set there, you can now go into the mySugr app and connect it to Health as well.

  1. Open the mySugr app
  2. Tap Connections in the navigation bar located on the bottom of your screen
  3. Tap Apple Health
  4. Switch it on 
  5. When the pop-up comes up, Turn all categories on

After these steps, you should be set! You should begin getting data back into your mySugr app shortly. There is a 3-hour delay from your Dexcom app to Health, so you may not see any data at all for the first 3 hours, but after that, it should feed continuously in the background for you.


Please note: the Dexcom data only shows as a CGM line in the graph to complement your manual or imported BG entries from a glucose meter. If you still do not see the data in your graph, double-tap the graph and turn the CGM switch on.


*Only CGM values from the Dexcom are displayed as the line in your graph. Events logged into your Dexcom app are not imported. 

**Dexcom information is not supported on Android devices. 




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