How can I import CGM Data into Logbook?

  • Using a computer, login to your mySugr account at
  • find “Importer” in the side menu. 
  • Drag the .csv or .txt file from your CGM program into the upload area. 
  • The mySugr monsters will crunch the data and load it into your account. It should only take a moment or two.

Once it’s complete, start mySugr Logbook on your smartphone. Your CGM data will appear in the graph as soon as the synchronization is finished.
Double tap on the graph to open an overlay control panel where you can enable or disable visibility of CGM data in your graph.


Import Apple Health (iOS only):

  • Check that Dexcom is sharing your data to Apple Health (Dexcom App > Settings > Health > ON)
  • Check that Apple Health is enabled in the Logbook settings 
  • Check that sharing for blood glucose is enabled in the Apple Health settings.
  • Open mySugr Logbook and the CGM data will appear in the Graph.

Note for Dexcom Share (and higher): The Health app will display the Sharer’s glucose information with a three-hour delay. It will not display real time glucose information.


Dexcom information is not supported on Android devices.


We currently support Dexcom Share (and higher) on iOS, Freestyle Libre and Medtronic on both iOS & Android through the use of our web importer.