What is mySugr Coach?

mySugr Coach brings world-class personalized advice and diabetes education to your fingertips. It’s there to support you during the long stretches between clinic visits, and to help with any problem areas or specific goals you might have. At the tap of a button, you’ll have Gary Scheiner and his team analyzing your diabetes data and offering insights based on your goals and questions.

There are three key aspects to mySugr Coach that make it great:

The highest quality - You deserve the best! So we recruited someone special for you. mySugr Head Coach Gary Scheiner, MS, CDE is the author of the popular diabetes book, “Think Like a Pancreas,” and he won AADE’s 2014 Educator of the Year award. Oh yeah, he’s been living with diabetes since 1985.

The personal touch - there’s a lot of human interpretation required between the lines of our diabetes data. We think working with highly-trained and experienced diabetes educators is the best way to go.

No extra time - (a.k.a. “ask & go”) - this might be my favorite part. When I need help or want advice, I ask for it, put my phone away, and get back to living life.