Why I am on the waiting list for mySugr Coach and how long do I have to wait?

 Ugh, waiting sucks, doesn’t it? We’re super sorry about that. We’re working on ways to keep it from happening, and we’re hiring more coaches as we speak. But because we insist that our coaches never rush with their patients, we sometimes find ourselves with situations like this. After all, you’d want the same passion, care, and attention to detail, right? And don’t worry, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Maybe you only have to wait a few hours, maybe a couple of days. But when the next spot for mySugr Coach opens up, you’ll get a notification that it’s your turn. Your opening is reserved for 48-hours and all you have to do is complete payment and confirm that you’re ready to start.

In the meantime you can check your waiting list status in your mySugr Coach conversation. There is a button which will tell you your current status.