What is the satisfaction guarantee?


In short: Happiness! We want you to be happy!

When you signed up for mySugr Coach you had high expectations about the level of service you’d receive. If you aren’t happy with your experience or you don’t feel it met expectations, we want you to feel very comfortable letting us know about it (so we can fix it) and requesting a refund (so you are happy again).

And it is super easy! Everything is handled directly through Apple’s App Store, and you can report a problem there.


Follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Enter the Apple ID and password that you used to buy the item, then choose Sign In.
  • Choose “Report a Problem” next to the item that you need help with. 
  • Select your problem from the menu.

You can find more instructions here: (via windows, itunes and so on)

The refund is handled directly by apple and mySugr has no control of the process. Most of the time, you get your money back right away and without additional trouble.
If not, please contact Let us know what your logbook email-address so we can investigate. We usually respond with lots of love, apologies, and an iTunes voucher for the amount of the coaching subscription because in the end, making sure you’re happy is our number one concern.