Data Import

How can I synchronize steps from Google Fit to mySugr app?

 As always, monstrously fast.

  • Open mySugr App and  tap on "Connections" in the menu located on the bottom of your screen
  • Select Google Fit integration. We will only be able to bring steps in to mySugr from Google Fit. 
    • The connection will not transfer steps or data from mySugr to Google Fit. 
  • Now confirm which Google account should be connected to the mySugr app.
  • When the setup was successfully a little pop will appear.
  • Now your steps data from Google Fit will be synced to your mySugr app.


There are a few ways for you to see your imported steps from Google Fit. 

  • If you have the cell activated for logging, you will see your step information for that day on your "Today" statistics underneath your monster on your main logbook screen. 

  • If you have logged on a day in the past, for example December 26, 2022, you can check the imported and logged steps for that day if you have made any entry by tapping on the down arrow to the right of the screen on the date banner. It will show you all of the statistics for that day. Swipe the statistics to the left to reach your step information.*

    *If there are no logs for that day, you will not see imported step information in your logbook for that day until a log has been made for that day. 

  • Imported steps will also appear on your PDF report as a purple graph behind your other logged information for that day


Please note: We do not import steps for the hour if the amount of steps does not reach over 300 for that hour. So, for example, if you have 300 steps between 1pm and 2pm, the app will not import them, otherwise, if you have 301 steps between 2pm and 3pm, the app will import 301 steps and they will show in your statistics described above. 

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