Why doesn’t the synchronization between mySugr and the Libre Link app work anymore?

Legitimate question! The terms of our cooperation with Abbott are being mutually reviewed in order to establish a more robust long-term connectivity solution, and until that process is complete, some of you may experience trouble with the connection and synchronization. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have a solution soon.

Unfortunately, this not only affects the Libre Link app, but also the Freestyle Libre Link app which will officially replace the existing Libre Link app in the near future.

This means your Freestyle Libre graph cannot be directly transferred into mySugr anymore. However, it is still possible to upload your Freestyle Libre data as a TXT file into mySugr using our Web Importer.

We are working hard to resolve the situation and directly integrate Freestyle Libre data into mySugr and hope to have a solution soon.

You can help us! Pointing out the urgency of the missing integration by letting Abbott know how important the synchronization between Freestyle Libre and mySugr is to you!