I've been charged but no strips have arrived. When is my next shipment coming?

The Bundle is a usage-based subscription service, rather than a monthly set-amount of strips each month. Your account is still charged monthly on the same day, whether you've received a new shipment or not, to continue giving you access to the Bundle subscription features (strip use tracking, Pro, and Coach). 


Your first box arrives 3-5 business days after your order. We then use the number of imported values and the frequency to determine when you'll have at least 2 weeks left, and that is when we trigger a new shipment. Just please be sure you are signed in to the mySugr app using the same email address that you signed up for the Bundle with so that we have an accurate count of strips you've used and the frequency of your tests based on your imported values.


Also, after your initial Bundle box, replenishment boxes are shipped out on an estimated quarterly basis to help keep the cost of the Bundle as low as possible.


You can read more about how the Bundle subscription works HERE too.


If you need us to check when your next shipment is coming, or if you are running low but haven't gotten a shipment tracking email yet, just email us and we can look into it for you!