mySugr Bundle: Shipments

mySugr Bundle: When is my next shipment coming?

Shipments of replenishment strips are only sent on an as-needed basis.


The Bundle is a usage-based subscription service, rather than a monthly set or monthly minimum amount of strips each month. 

Your first box arrived 3-5 business days after your order. We then used the number of imported values and the frequency to determine when you would have at least 2 weeks left, and that is when we triggered a new shipment.


Just please be sure you are signed in to the mySugr app using the same email address that you signed up for the Bundle with so that we have an accurate count of strips you've used and the frequency of your tests based on your imported values.


If you have any additional questions please write to us at 


Please note: Manual entries do not count toward your strips-used in our database, though, so let us know if you are having any trouble syncing your meter to your mySugr app. Otherwise, this could cause a delay in getting your next shipment out on-time and could cause you to run out.


**If you are enrolled through your employer, you may continue to have access until the end of their contract with mySugr. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to your employer's benefit manager.

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