mySugr Bundle: Shipments

mySugr Bundle: How do I change my address for the mySugr Bundle?

For this, it depends on if you have an Android or iOS device.


If you have an iOS device, take a peek in the Settings of the app. Next, find the section named "Membership“ and tap on it to open it. In there, you will see an overview of your current Bundle status. By tapping on "Change shipping address“, you can edit your address there, then just tap Save when you are done.






However, if you have an Android device, it won't be possible at this time to change it in the app. Please email us to for a more information!


**If you are enrolled through your employer, you may continue to have access until the end of their contract with mySugr. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to your employer's benefit manager.


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