FAQ mySugr Bundle (General)

mySugr Bundle: I'm out of strips! How do I get more?

We'd love to assist you with your shipment. We just need some a little information from you to get shipment triggered.


Oftentimes, the system will automatically trigger one once all values have uploaded from the meter to your app, so first, make sure that your meter is syncing to your mySugr app. If it is paired, try a force sync of the meter (steps listed below) to the app to fill in any missing values, and then write to us in Support to let us know.


If you have the Guide meter (Black with 4 buttons on the front)

  • To force a sync of the meter to a paired device, open the app on your smartphone and then grab your meter. Next, on the meter, tap OK to turn it on. Then, go to My Data > Data Transfer > Wireless and tap OK. Any values that haven't synced to your app before should now sync.
  • If you use more than one Accu-Chek Guide, be sure to unpair the one that is currently paired and then pair the second one. Rotating which meter is paired once per week is a good strategy to help us keep a close-to-accurate strips-used count for your Bundle subscription.
  • If you have more than one compatible smartphone available, (For example, a spouse of the Bundle user also has a smartphone) and more than one Accu-Chek Guide meter, pair one meter per smart device. Then, just be sure the meters are uploading to the paired smart devices at least once per day. 


If the meter is paired, but not syncing at all, try our troubleshooting steps here. Sometimes the connection can go a bit wonky and a new pairing will fix it.

If the meter isn't paired at all, please pair your meter and sync your values. Here's how to pair your meter. 


Now, if the force-sync between the meter and app doesn't trigger the shipment for you, we'll need to chat with you a bit further for troubleshooting - please contact our support at support@mySugr.com


If you have a Guide Me meter (Gray with 2 buttons on the front)

First, is your meter uploading to the app? I know it's a silly question; we have to ask since the system can only automatically replace test strips where the BG entries that are verified by the Guide Me meter. Let’s try a force-sync to import any missing readings. This tends to trigger a shipment for most users automatically after doing it, so let’s try that first!


Second, open the app on your smartphone and then grab your meter.

Please insert a strip and take a value as normal

Find the value in your logbook, there should be a small star with a checkmark on your imported value




Here's another way how to manually sync your meter:
Turn Bluetooth off in your phone, then back it back on
Open the mySugr app
Confirm that the app has the meter connected in the connection screen
Once mySugr is open - with the meter off, press and hold both arrorws < > to get it into communication mode
You'll see an OK message on the meter and the data will transfer


After this, we can check to see if the system automatically triggers the shipment for you.


If it still won’t import or if you are having any trouble with pairing the meter to the app, let us know by writing to us in support at support@mysugr.com


Please note: Manual entries do not count toward your strips-used in our database, so let us know if you are having any trouble syncing your meter to your mySugr app. Otherwise, this could cause a delay in getting your next shipment out on-time and could cause you to run out.


Also, we can only replace test strips where the BG entries that are verified by the Guide and/or Guide Me meter, so if you are using a separate Guide or Guide Me meter, please unpair and pair the second one as mentioned above so that the values can be verified.


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