Data Import

How do I transfer data from my Accu-Chek® Instant into mySugr?

Easy peasy!

* Is your iPhone’s Bluetooth on? If not, please turn it on.

For Android:

  • First, turn on Location Services for the mySugr app during the pairing process. You can turn it back off once you're done. Settings > Apps > mySugr > Location Services. Be sure it's turned on.
  • Bluetooth should turn on automatically when you begin the pairing process for Android devices

* Open the mySugr App and find “Connections” in the side menu.
* Select the Accu-Chek Instant and activate it.
* Turn off your meter.
* Long press the button (around 3 seconds) until the Bluetooth pairing symbol shows up
* Watch for a pairing notification on your smartphone (popup message or notification center).
* Enter the PIN code (find it on the back of your meter)
* Pairing and activation were successful - Your meter is now connected to the mySugr App!
* You can return to the mySugr home screen via the side menu.

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