mySugr Bundle: Billing

mySugr Bundle: Can I get a refund?

Since the Bundle contains items and access to services* that cannot be returned, we cannot offer refunds, as mentioned in our Terms and Conditions (excerpt below). However, we can cancel the subscription so that you are not charged again later. 


T&C Excerpt:
"MONTHLY PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The mySugr Bundle is a monthly subscription, with an initial minimum subscription period of three (3) months. Automatic replenishment of test strips will be shipped on an as-needed basis, only when your inventory is low [as calculated by the mySugr App through values uploaded by you to the Accu-Chek® Guide meter]." 


Just be sure to write to us in Support ( and let us know before your next monthly charge. We'll confirm your cancelation request and if you're still sure, we'll get it canceled right away and your subscription will end on the last day of the current billing cycle. 


*The monthly fee covers strip use monitoring, mySugr Coach, and mySugr Pro, which are services that are activated from the day you sign up.


NOTE! This also applies to cases where you (the user) have signed up for the Bundle under an email address other than the one in your current, actively used mySugr app account and have not received strips beyond your initial shipment. It is your responsibility as the user to sign into the mySugr app and import the values into the account associated with the address that you ordered the mySugr Bundle. 


If you need help activating and registering the account you used to purchase the Bundle so that you can get a shipment, please contact our support team before canceling. If you've already canceled, we cannot trigger a new shipment to you.


If you are having trouble importing from your meter, please let us know, and we can help you troubleshoot. If the meter is not working, or if you are having trouble with strips or battery errors, we can also help you to get in touch with Accu-Chek to get a replacement.

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