mySugr Bundle: Can I manually enter the readings from my Guide meter?

We can only replace strips for values that have been verified in the app as being from the Accu-Chek Guide meter, so manual entries do not count toward your strips-used count.


When the reading is imported, an asterisk will show in the upper right-side of the blood glucose value, and if you tap on it, it will say "Verified by Accu-Chek Guide". This lets our system know you've used a strip. Then, when you have roughly 2 weeks left based on this information, you'll automatically get a shipment triggered. This is why you must pair the meter with the mySugr app when you receive your Bundle package.


If you need to use a spare meter and manually enter the reading for the time being, just be sure to unpair your frequently used meter and then pair the spare meter to your smartphone so that the manual entry can be verified automatically. Doing this process at least once per week would be good practice so that we can keep a good estimate of how many strips are being used so that you do not run short on (or out of) strips.