mySugr Bundle: My payment failed. What now?

The mySugr Bundle will automatically cancel if your monthly subscription payment fails after a total of 5 attempts.


If the initial charge fails, a 30-day grace period window begins. The charge can be attempted automatically 3 times after the initial charge, and again on the next billing cycle date. If all charges fail, your Bundle subscription automatically cancels and you will not be charged again.


However, if the charge is successful during any of these attempts, the Bundle subscription will not cancel, and your payment date will remain the same as always.


For instance: (Payments are on the 14th of the month as an example date)

If your August 14th payment fails, we will attempt the charge 3 more times spaced a few days apart. If the next billing cycle payment on September 14th fails, the Bundle subscription will automatically cancel.


If your payment charge is successful during any of these attempts, your Bundle will remain active, though, and the payment date will remain on the 14th of each month.