mySugr Bundle: How It Works FAQs

mySugr Bundle: Can I use another app instead of mySugr and still get my strips?

The readings do need to be verified in the mySugr app to count toward your strips-used count. We do not have a way to check the values that are in any other apps, even if they have been imported via Health if you are an iPhone user.


Because they are verified by Health and not by the Accu-Chek Guide or Guide Me meter itself, the blood glucose value doesn’t count toward your strips-used count on our side. Only the ones that have been verified by the Guide or Guide Me meter count toward the strips-used count, which is how we track when to send another shipment to you.


If you have already paired your meter with another app, please unpair the meter from that app and then pair it to the mySugr app, as the meter cannot be paired to more than one app at a time.


**If you are enrolled through your employer, you may continue to have access until the end of their contract with mySugr. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to your employer's benefit manager.

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