mySugr Bundle: What's in it?

Thank you for your interest in the Bundle! We're pretty excited to be able to share it with you!


The price of the Bundle is the same for startup and monthly. Right now, the cost is $49 to start, and $49 each month that you have an active subscription with us.


The Bundle subscription comes with lots of great features, including:


  • Unlimited test strips - as many as you need! Just be sure your meter is compatible and uploading to the app, and we’ll send them out! 💪
  • mySugr Coach - it’s like having a Certified Diabetes Educator in your pocket! Ask them anything about diabetes - they can answer it! 👖
  • mySugr Pro - unlock all the awesome features of the mySugr app, no restrictions! 😍
  • Free Accu-Chek Guide meter - no need to go buy one! Plus, it’s the highest-rated accuracy of any meter on the market today! ✅


Once you've placed your order on our mySugr Bundle page, we'll get started on the process of sending it out to you. When the green box arrives, it will contain a new Accu-Chek Guide meter kit, a box of lancets, a FastClix lancing device, and 5 boxes of 50 Guide test strips.


After you've received the package and paired your meter to your smartphone through the mySugr app, we then use the testing frequency to know how many strips you've used and how often you are testing. This lets us know when to send you a new shipment so that you are not without them :) It's truly unlimited, so feel free to test as often as you need to!


*Please note: Only the Accu-Chek Guide meter and strips are available for the Bundle subscription service at this time. YOU MUST CONNECT & SYNC VALUES INTO MYSUGR ON YOUR SMARTPHONE REGULARLY TO RECEIVE REPLENISHMENT SHIPMENTS ON TIME.



Also, please be sure to check to be sure your smartphone is a compatible device before placing your order :)


Here's more about it on our blog too: mySugr Bundle: Top to Bottom


Does that help?? Let us know if you have any other questions for us! We're happy to help! 💚‍


*If you are a currently mySugr Pro subscriber, please be sure to cancel your Pro subscription through Google Play or Apple iTunes so that you won’t be paying for it twice.*