mySugr Bundle: Shipments

mySugr Bundle: How long is the shipping process? When will I get a tracking number?

The shipping process depends on if you are receiving a new subscription box or the replenishment box.


If it is for a new order, in general, the process is 5 business days from order to receiving it on your doorstep. We begin processing the order the night that we receive your order. Once the order has been processed and uploaded to our shipping department, it will be packed and begin it's journey to you via FedEx. This all means you should get a tracking number within 3 business days of placing your order, and it should show up at your door within 5 business days.


If it is your replenishment shipment, we trigger those when the system's algorithm estimates that you'll be out of strips within the next 2-3 weeks. This allows us time to calculate how many you'll need in your shipment and to have it uploaded to our shipping department. The shipment is then packed and sent on it's way to you via FedEx SmartPost, which can be delivered to you either directly from FedEx, or your local post office. We will send a tracking number as soon as we have one, which is usually up to 1 week after the system has triggered the shipment.



    Delivery Time (Includes 1-2 day processing time) Delivery Method
New orders

Uploaded nightly

3-5 Business Days FedEx



Triggered 2-3 weeks ahead;

Triggered automatically based on uploads


7-10 Business Days FedEx SmartPost

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