Why did I run out of strips? I thought this was unlimited??

If values from the Accu-Chek Guide meter have not been uploaded, or haven't been uploaded regularly, this can cause trouble if we receive one upload that consists of tests over several days or even weeks. 😰 Since the values hadn't been uploaded once or twice a day, at least, the strips may not arrive before you've used your last one. 😧


It's why we stress uploading frequently, especially if you are someone who uses more than 10 strips per day: It takes 2 weeks to calculate, generate, and trigger a shipment, so we need daily uploads to make sure the shipment is not triggered too late. 👍


If you haven't uploaded the meter at all, please pair the meter and upload the values so that the system can know that you're out of strips, and trigger a shipment for you.

If it's been a while since you've uploaded but you've uploaded a lot of readings at once, the system will generate a shipment over the next couple of days.


In both cases, the shipment should be delivered to you in the next 7-10 business days.  📦 📭


Once you get your new shipment, please be sure to upload your meter at least once a day, twice a day if you test more than 10 times per day, so that our system can work as it should to keep the average daily use and shipment estimate date as current as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk of running out before your next shipment. And that's no bueno for anyone!


So remember the U of the Bundle: Use + Upload = Unlimited! 👍