FAQ mySugr Bundle (General)

mySugr Bundle: Why did I run out of strips? I thought this was unlimited*??

One of the amazing things about the mySugr bundle is our algorithm that projects your test strip needs and sends you strips so you never run out. This algorithm estimates your future test strip needs based on the frequency of logs uploaded from your Accu-Chek Guide or Guide Me meter. Unfortunately, if your meter is not Bluetooth connected to your mySugr app and uploading values daily, we do not know your logging frequency, and cannot project your future strip needs 😧

This is why we stress the importance of keeping your meter connected and importing into the mySugr app, especially if you are someone who uses more than 10 test strips per day*: It can take up to 2 weeks to calculate, generate, and trigger a shipment, as well as up to 2 weeks for delivery, so we need frequent and regular uploads (minimum once per day) to make sure the shipment is not triggered too late.** 👍


The single most important thing you can do is to make sure your meter is paired and communicating with the mySugr app on your smartphone and that your entries are synced at least once per day. Again, this is how the algorithm knows how many strips you’ve used and when you need more. 


If you haven't paired your meter and imported any values yet, please pair the meter and upload the values so that the system can know that you're out of strips, and trigger a shipment for you. Let us know if you need help by writing to us at support@mysugr.com 


*There are very few cases where the strip usage can exceed the limitations of our algorithm to replenish test strips. Please be aware that in rare cases of very high strip consumption, there is a potential that our system cannot replace your test strips in a timely manner, and you may run out. If receiving shipments due to high usage becomes an issue, we may exercise our right as per our Terms and Conditions to limit the number of strips or cancel your Bundle subscription.

**If it's been a while since you've uploaded but you've uploaded a lot of readings at once, the system will generate a shipment over the next couple of days.

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