Data Import

How do I connect the A&D Weight Scale to the mySugr app and import values?

Connecting the A&D Medical Wireless Connected Weight Scale (model UC-352BLE) to the mySugr app is easy-peasy!

Here's how:

  • First, we need to be sure the weight units are set correctly in the app.
  • Open the mySugr app, and tap on More (the icon on the bottom to the far right).
  • For iOS:
    • Tap on Account & Settings
    • Tap on Food
  • For Android:
    • Tap on Account & Settings
    • Then select the Therapy tab at the top of your screen
  • Next, make sure that Body Weight Unit is set to "lbs", not "kg". To change it, just tap on that line, and then tap on the "lbs" measurement.

Now that the weight unit in the app is set correctly, let's pair the scale to your app!

On the scale: 

  • Long press for 3 seconds the button on the back of the scale until you see Pr on the scale´s screen to start the pairing process.
  • Bluetooth button is blinking on the scale screen

On the app:

  1. Tap "Connections" on the bottom of your mySugr app screen.
  2. Tap on A&D Weight Scale
  3. Tap "Connect Now"
  4. The scale ID is displayed on a pop-up window in the mySugr app. You then have the option to pair the scale or not on the pop-up.

Once the pairing is successful, the Bluetooth icon on the scale will stop blinking, and the screen on the app will confirm that the pairing has been successful.



Importing the data after the scale has been paired is also easy!

  • Option A - instant import: (preferred option ) 
    • Grab your phone, turn on Bluetooth, open mySugr app and establish an active connection (seen in phone Bluetooth settings).
    • Step on the scale and weight value will be instantly imported.
    • You'll get an in-app notification that weight was imported successfully. TADAA!! 

  • Option B - import later: (not preferred, but works)
    • If you don't have your phone with you when you do a weight measurement, the scale stores the data (up to approx 200 units) 
    • The missed values then get imported as soon as you establish an active connection with scale (Bluetooth on, app open) and step on the scale.

      To be on the safe side, it is best to have your phone right with you, the app open, Bluetooth turned on, an active connection with the scale so weight units will be imported instantly each time


If you are having any trouble with your A&D Weight Scale UC-352BLE unit , please contact A&D directly using their Contact Us page. You can also visit their FAQ section for additional information about the weight scale. 


If you need any help during the pairing process, please contact us in support at or by using the support and feedback option located under "More" in the tab menu in the app and we'll be happy to help! 

Here are a few need-to-know tips for using the scale successfully with the mySugr app:

  • Only the A&D Weight Scale UC-352BLE can be used with the mySugr app. No other Bluetooth scales are available for the connection and the model number must match exactly with what is listed in the app. 
  • The scale needs to be used alone (should not be the family scale, as all entries are flowing inside the app - if several people weigh themselves the values get mixed up) 
  • The first time users pair the scale with the phone historic data will NOT be imported. Afterward history data will be always imported.
  • The scale transfers the weight value only once to the phone and deletes the weight value in the history of the scale. Meaning that if an imported weight value is deleted on the phone, the scale does not transfer again the data.
  • When connecting the scale to your phone, be sure to ONLY connect it through the mySugr app. Imports from the scale into mySugr will not work if you pair the scale to any other app, or directly to the phone.

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