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How to pair A&D Blood Pressure Monitor (UA-651BLE)

It's super easy! Here's how:

  • First, open the mySugr app and tap on "Connections" in the bottom menu bar
  • Next, tap on the option for "A&D Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE"
  • Tap on the green "Connect" button in the app
  • On the blood pressure monitor, press and hold the Start button down until PR appears on the blood pressure monitor’s screen
  • You should now have a pairing request window show on your phone - tap PAIR
  • Your Blood Pressure monitor should now be connected to your smartphone. You’ll see a screen confirming this on your phone

If you are having any trouble with your A&D Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE unit, please contact A&D directly using their Contact Us page. You can also visit their FAQ section for additional information about the blood pressure monitor. 


If you need any help during the pairing process, please contact us in support at or by using the support and feedback option located under "More" in the tab menu in the app and we'll be happy to help! 


Here are a few need-to-know tips for using the blood pressure monitor successfully with the mySugr app:

  • Only the A&D Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE can be used with the mySugr app. No other Bluetooth blood pressure monitors are available for the connection and the model number must match exactly with what is listed in the app. 
  • The blood pressure monitor needs to be used alone (it should not be a family blood pressure monitor) as all entries are importing into the logbook in your app - if someone else uses the blood pressure monitor, their values will also import, which can result in incorrect health records in your mySugr logbook.
  • The first time users pair the blood pressure monitor with the phone historic data will NOT be imported. Afterward history data will be always imported.
  • The blood pressure monitor transfers the blood pressure value only once to the phone. Meaning that if an imported blood pressure value is deleted on the phone, the monitor does not transfer the data again.
  • When connecting the blood pressure monitor to your phone, be sure to ONLY connect it through the mySugr app. Imports from the monitor into mySugr will not work if you pair the it to any other app, or directly to the phone.

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