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How to reach out to your mySugr Coach

mySugr Coach brings world-class personalized coaching and diabetes education to your fingertips. mySugr Coaches are there to support you during the long stretches between clinic visits, and to help with any problem areas or specific goals you might have. 


At the tap of a button, you’ll have Certified Diabetes Educators analyzing your diabetes data and offering insights based on your goals and questions. 


For iOS:

Open the mySugr app, and tap on Coach in the bottom navigation menu. 



For Android: 

The steps are mostly the same, except for where to find Coach. First, open the side menu by tapping the three lines in the upper left-hand corner of your logbook screen. Then, tap on Coach. 



Now that you have the Coach screen open, you have two options: to read messages or to send one. 

  • To read messages from your Coach, simply tap on it to expand the message fully so you can read all of what they’ve sent. 
  • To send a message, tap on the compose button (a box with a pencil in the top right-hand corner), type your message and tap the send button (a small airplane in the upper right-hand corner).


When you need help or just have a curious question about diabetes, use mySugr on your smartphone to ask your coach, then get back to living life. Within a business day, you’ll get a notification with a personalized answer to take you to the next step. It’s just that easy.

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