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I redeemed a voucher, but I haven't gotten any testing supplies!

Our vouchers that are given through different programs only unlock the PRO upgrade. It does not include testing supplies or Coaching, which only comes in our mySugr Bundle or Paket (US and Germany only). Here are the differences below:

mySugr Pro:

The Pro subscription is $2.99 per month or $27.99 per year plan.

Upgrading to Pro has a ton of benefits, among them:
  • Syncing between devices – for instance, your iPhones and iPads
  • Faster and easier to export your data
  • Allows you to tune the lists in mySugr to your needs
  • Makes the search even more useful
  • Allows you to snap more pics in your logs!
  • You will also receive priority feedback :)


mySugr Bundle

The Bundle cost is $49 to start and $49 each month that you have an active Bundle subscription with us. It is an optional upgrade only for users living in the US.

The Bundle subscription comes with lots of great features, including:
  • Test strips - Just be sure your meter is compatible and uploading to the app
  • mySugr Coach - it’s like having a Certified Diabetes Educator in your pocket! Ask them anything about diabetes - they can answer it! 
  • mySugr Pro - unlock all the awesome features of the mySugr app, no restrictions! 
  • Free Accu-Chek Guide Me meter - no need to go buy one! Plus, it’s the most accurate meter ever developed by Roche Diabetes Care to date!

There are currently no voucher programs to give Bundle access to users for any period of time. 

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