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How to switch back from the new CGM Experience to the old logbook design?

mySugr recently introduced our new CGM Experience on Android in the mySugr app.

What is new?

Now you will see your Eversense values directly in the mySugr app in a new clean design.

We understand that a lot has changed for you. With the new interface, we are aiming towards optimizing the experience of Eversense XL CGM users with the mySugr app. For us, the first launch of the new Eversense XL interface is the beginning of providing an improved CGM experience for which your feedback is crucial. We are working diligently to integrate more features in the coming months.

Nevertheless, you have the option to switch back the old mySugr interface.

Before you switch back, please share your feedback and thoughts with the mySugr team via support@mysugr.com. We would really appreciate it!


Here the easy steps to the old mySugr app design:

  • Open the mySugr App
  • Tap on the side menu and now tap on Profile and Settings
  • At the top, tap on Settings
  • On the settings page disable the "new home screen (beta)" switch

Now you should be back at the old mySugr App design. You will still see the Eversense values in your graph. 


Note: The Eversense integration is only available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland.

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