FAQ Bolus calculator

What changes with the new bolus calculator?



What are the changes from Bolus Calculator 2.1 to Bolus Calculator 3.0?

The user interface design has been updated to incorporate new bolus calculator algorithm parameters, improve the overall accessibility of the product, as well as incorporating better support for users to be able to set up the mySugr Bolus Calculator. Additional screens in the mySugr Bolus Calculator setup flow have also been introduced in order to incorporate the following 2 new algorithm parameters:


  1. Meal rise - Expected rise in glucose levels in response to a meal
  2. Offset time - Period of time until the insulin starts significantly lowering the blood glucose from the time of injection


What is the intended age use for the mySugr Bolus Calculator?

The mySugr Bolus Calculator is currently only available for adult users only (18+).


The new Bolus Calculator does not work on my Android phone, what could be the problem? 

If the mySugr Bolus Calculator does not work on your Android phone, please check  the following options: 

  • Everything updated? Please check if there are any updates available for the mySugr App on your phone.  If yes, please update and try again.
  • Is everything secure? In order to keep all of your settings safe and protected, you will be asked to secure your mySugr Bolus Calculator. If your mobile device is already secured with authentication, like a password or fingerprint, this will keep your settings safe. If not, we’ll ask you to set up some authentication throughout your user journey. Simply tap ‘Open Android Settings’ to secure your smartphone. Settings are protected per device via user authentication anytime settings are changed and approved. 

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