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What happens when my PRO account expires?


That's easy! You’ll become a mySugr Basic user. That means that you'll still be able to use all functions of mySugr Basic.


The PRO featured data you logged as a PRO user will also be safe and still logged in your logbook. For example, if you logged photos of your meals you will still see those images in your historical data. You just will not be able to log new meal photos, for example, until you upgrade again. 


If you want to become a PRO user again, you can redeem a voucher (if you have one), upgrade to mySugr PRO through the in-app purchase, or activate PRO for free with a qualifying meter connection with a compatible device.*


*You can see if your meter qualifies for PRO by checking the list located on your connection screen and selecting the meter you would like to pair. If your meter is not listed please feel free to write to us at support@mysugr.com for more information. 

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