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What is Apple Health and what are its benefits?

Apple Health app allows you to collect all your fitness and health data in one place. What’s in it for you? It means you can synchronize data from the Logbook with the Health app and vice versa. Nifty, eh? Naturally, you're the boss and can decide whether to allow this and which data you want to share.

Go to the settings in the Logbook to control what information is shared with Health.

If you decide to use Apple Health and grant permission to mySugr Logbook to communicate with it, you should know that it will only sync new entries from mySugr into Health. Historic information from your logbook will be not synchronized or backfilled to Health. HOWEVER, historical data that you have in Apple Health will begin populating into mySugr when you set the permissions for mySugr to "read" the data that is there.


When you're ready, it's really easy to connect to Apple Health in your mySugr app. Just tap on "Connections" at the bottom of your screen in your navigation bar. Then, you'll see Apple Health as an option to connect. Tap it and tap the big green connection button and you should be all set!

NOTE: We recently discovered unusual behavior with data coming from some third-party apps (for instance: MyFitnessPal is a common app) that is being written to Apple Health. Due to the nature of how these apps record their data into Apple Health, we have disabled automatic approval of syncing data from these apps into mySugr.


These are regularly reviewed, so if you begin to not see data in your mySugr app that you previously were able to import before, please reach out to us and we'll let you know if the app is one that has been disabled.


But don’t panic – we’re taking a close look at apps on a case-by-case basis, approving those we can, and trying to come up with solutions and workarounds for everything else. So – if you’re having trouble getting your third-party application’s data to synchronize with mySugr Logbook through Apple Health, we’d like to hear from you! Please send us a message using the help button on the lower right and let us know what app you’re using and we’ll get in touch about checking it out.

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