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How to get started with the logbook app?

Most likely, you're new to Logbook and are looking for an overview of what's going on here, right?

First Steps

1. Add a log, using your camera to snap a pic and adding any data you want in your Logbook

Just tap the + on your main logbook screen to get started. If you use an iPhone, it's at the top beside the magnifying glass. If you're on Android, it's a blue dot at the bottom right of your screen.

You can add your location if you'd like:
Android: Just tap Location and it will bring up a map. It may prepopulate your location automatically, or you can type it in if you wish.
iOS: Tap on location and it will bring up a list of previously used locations for you to select from, or input a new location!

Next, tap on the Blood Glucose field, and tap in your glucose value. 


Take insulin? Tap on the appropriate field (Ins (food) = insulin you've taken for food, Ins (corr) = insulin you've taken for correction, or a high glucose number.


Then, tap on an icon picture to describe this entry. These are called "tags". These can help you when searching for specific types of entries and helps to better analyze your data later.


Do you need to log additional details? There are two notes sections: One to fill in for the food description (like "cheeseburger" or "green salad with ranch dressing"), and another basic notes field for logging any other additional notes you may need.


Don't want or need to log all of this stuff? No worries!! Just log what you need to and tap Save!


That's it! Your record has been created and you're on your way to being a master monster tamer!



2. Use the search feature to find that meal or exercise log that you've entered before: 

Eating at a restaurant you've visited before and want to see how you did mastering the monster last time? Simply search by location or dish that you've saved before, and you can see the record right away! 
You can also search by tags that you've used when logging! It's great for seeing how things are going before meal, after meal, in times of stress, to see how different exercises affect your glucose levels -- all sorts of things!

3. Play a challenge, to help yourself keep on track. You can find the challenges by tapping 'More' and then selecting 'Challenges' in the menu list.



And then?

Keeping track of what you do and eat, your blood glucose and shots, pills and how you're doing in general, is a very easy way to take control of your diabetes therapy.


Tracking and Points

By snapping a pic of your meals and adding the data you feel like to a log, you gain points! The goal, make as many as you can in a day – at 50, you beat the diabetes monster and wrap it in chains 😄


Search and Analysis

By making all those logs useful, through a simple and useful search tool in the app, The stat screens also help make better decisions both when it comes to day to day stuff, as well as in therapy decisions.


iOS: Place your finger on the monster and move him over to swipe through each Statistic page: Today, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly.
Android: In the logbook, just above the daily stats, you'll find a button for "See more", or, you can tap on "More" in your navigation bar and select "Stats".  Tap on it and you’ll see and be able to swipe through the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly stats. When done, just tap on 'My trend' in the navigation bar on the bottom left hand of your screen to get back to the Today screen.
Reports and Reporting

Oh and about once a week, you get an email with a brief report on how you've been doing – compared to some members of the the mySugr team! Kinda neat, right!? 


There are beautiful and useful PDF-reports in there too, which you can generate for your doctor. This helps your doctor coach you in beating the monsters even more efficiently.


Need to know how to use anything else in the app? Write our support team! We're happy to help!! support@mysugr.com 

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