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What is my "Weekly Report"?

It's a personalized review of your monster-taming week! In other words, it's a quick summary of your overall diabetes management for the past seven days, and an at-a-glance look at how many days you met your point goal (tamed your diabetes monster)!


Let me try to walk you through it :) Here's an example below:

Monster vs. You!

In the top section, you can see how many times you've won against the mySugr Monster. In this case (my own report), you can see that the monster won every day. Womp womp! However, If I had won each day, that score would be 7:0. 

To win the day against the monster, log all that you can. Each section you add to an entry adds more points. Tip: make use of the main tags (before meal, after meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc) and the meal tags when you can. Using at least 1 tag is a super easy way to get more points for your record! More points mean you've given more context to your record, which can help with tracking down trouble spots later. 😄 


Each day you reach 50 points (by working on your diabetes management goals) you tame your monster. If you tame your monster 5 days out of the last 7, the weekly report would show a scorecard of "5 : 2" (score 5 days for you, and 2 days for your diabetes monster). Ideally, you want this to say "7 : 0"! No sweat, right? :-)

Next, you'll see a breakdown of your diabetes data. This area is awesome because you get a quick summary of how it compares to the previous week's data, so you can see whether things improved, or if you need to take a closer look at anything. You can also see a grand total of physical activity time for the week. Nice, eh?



First, the colors: Green means good, red means something to keep an eye on - a warning of sorts so you can reach out to your doctor if it becomes an issue week after week, and gray means it's not necessarily good but not necessarily something to worry about right now either. 

The circle with the slash through it means "average". In the middle, you'll see this week's average BG (Blood glucose). On the left, you'll see if the average went up or down (in this example, it went up), and on the right of it, you'll see what the average was the previous week.

Standard Deviation (or Deviation for short) is all about how much your blood sugar swings up and down - or how much it varies from your target on average. It's a good way to know if your average blood sugar is a true reflection of good control, or if it's a mix of many highs and lows. The lower the deviation number, the tighter controlled your BG is (which is a good thing).

Hypers refers to a fancy term called "hyperglycemia", or, high blood sugar. That number reflects how many BG readings were above your target range. And, on the opposite side of that, "Hypos" refers to "Hypoglycemia", or low blood sugar. The "hypo" number refers to the number of BG readings were below your target range.

The Average (circle with the slash) carbs per day can let you know how many carbs you 've had that week, and if it's increased or decreased from the previous week. For some, eating over a certain number of carbs per day can have a negative impact on their blood glucose levels. 

And, finally, the logs line is for letting you know how many logs you've entered for the week, and if you've not logged as much or maybe more than the previous week. 😄 

The next section is Activity


If you log activity times into the logbook, you can see how many hours you've been active for that week, and see how you stack up against the mySugr Team, and others in the mySugr community. 

Finally, the mySugr Team Battle! We love a competition and our top "loggers" in the company fight for first place each week. Our top three are Ilka, Fredrik, and Marlis - they go head-to-head each week. It's just a fun section, and also a reminder that it's okay not to win against the monster each day.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask our lovely support team!! support@mysugr.com 

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