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Customize Your Logbook!

Don't like the way the logbook is laid out on your main logbook or new record screen? Change it! You can move, show, and hide cells to suit your personal needs. Here's how:


  1. Tap the + to start a new record in your app. 
    • For Apple Devices, tap the + at the top of the screen beside the search glass
    • For Android devices, tap the blue bubble with the + in it at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Down at the bottom of this screen, but just above Save, tap the line that says Customize Cells.
    •  IMG_12BD965F6B70-1.jpeg
  3. This will expand all available cells that we have as options for all users.
  4. Now, look through the ones available.
  5. Tap the eye beside the ones you want visible to make sure they are turned green, or tap the eye to turn it gray if you want it hidden.
    • IMG_313F795DE328-1.jpeg
  6. Want to rearrange them? Hold your finger on the 9-dotted square over on the right to pick the cell up and move it up or down the list, then just pick your finger up off of the screen to drop the cell.
    •  IMG_A4B3B5A895DA-1.jpeg
  7. Now, Tap the check mark or Save in the upper right-hand corner. 
  8. Finally, just tap Cancel to close out of the new record screen and go back to your Today screen.

You'll now have rearranged both your new record screen and your main logbook screen to suit your personal monster-taming skills! Woohoo!!

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