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What if I've purchased mySugr Pro, but don't see (or can't use) any of my mySugr Pro features?

Quick and easy fix for this one! You'll need your mySugr ID (email & password), so get ready! 😄


On both Android and iOS devices, tap "More" in your navigation bar, then select "Account & Settings" , then "log out" at the bottom of your screen. Wait a couple of minutes, then log back in again. All of your mySugr Pro features should be unlocked – Hurrah!*


If the mySugr Pro features are still playing hide & seek, please send us a message using the "Support & Feedback" menu item or at support@mysugr.com. Our support monsters will quickly take a look and get you all fixed up.


*Please be sure you do not have any unsynchronized entries before logging out (More > scroll to the bottom of your screen). If you do see a number there, do not sign out or uninstall the app and let us know right away. 

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