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How to Navigate the mySugr Setup Screens

After downloading the mySugr app and getting your user ID and password squared away, you’ll be asked a few questions. These questions help us to set up the app for you so that you can start right away and don’t have to dive too deep into the Settings.


Diabetes Type

First, you’ll be asked what type of diabetes with which you have been diagnosed. If you’re not sure, select “Other” for now and you can follow-up with your diabetes coach or doctor later.



Diabetes Therapy

Next, you’ll be asked if you are on insulin therapy (insulin pump or pens) and/or pills. You’ll need to select an option on both of these to activate the “next” button. This section helps us match the new entry screen to fit your needs. For instance, insulin pen users will have more options, like long-acting insulin, in the record screen - whereas pump users can log their basal rates into the settings of the app.


It’s okay if you don’t take either insulin or pills. Just select “No insulin” and “No pills” on this screen to move on to the next one.


Units of Measurement

The next screen will ask you which measurement units you use. The first unit type is for your meter. If your meter value reads a 2 or 3 digit value back to you without a decimal between them (ie, 120), your meter reads the value in mg/dL. If your meter value reads a 2 or 3 digit number with a decimal between them (ie, 5.6), your meter reads the value in mmol/L.


For carbs, you’ll need to know how you count your carbs. Most people use grams, or “g”. However, some people with diabetes also count using “exchanges”; for instance, 1 slice of bread as being 1 exchange unit. If you aren’t sure, select “grams” for now and follow-up with your diabetes coach or doctor.


Target Ranges

The following screen will ask you if you have a specific target range. If you already have a target range for your glucose level that has been suggested by your doctor, you can set that here. You may have an ideal target range and a maximum target range. For instance, you’d like to have your glucose numbers between 80-120, but you also don’t consider it “high” or “low” until it’s below 70 or above 160. This will allow the app to flag numbers that are between these values (for instance, 65 or 150 in the example above) as being orange - or “not ideal, but not out of range”.



Your Meter

The final screen is asking which glucose meter you use. If your meter isn’t listed there, just tap “Other device”, and then tap the checkmark to finish. 



And that’s it!

You should now be ushered into your brand new account with us! Feel free to poke around the Settings option in the menu to customize your app even more. 

If you’re feelin’ fancy, you can even customize your new record screen to fit just what you need to log on a regular basis. Here’s how to do that too: https://support.mysugr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001211509-Customize-Your-Logbook-

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