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How to Turn On App Notifications

Notifications. We all get them from various apps: email, social media, text, calls - you name it. We also ask that you allow notifications from our app, too, and this helps with a few key things:


  1. It helps with pairing your glucose meter
  2. It helps with knowing when a BG value has imported. Having this alert is essential so that you see the data is flowing into the app
  3. You get to see when your coach has sent a message to you.


Turning on Notifications is super easy! Here's how:


For iPhone, open your Settings app and scroll down to find mySugr. Then, tap on Notifications and make sure the "Allow Notifications" switch is on. You can then customize how you want the notification to show, but we recommend turning on all of the Alerts and the Badges option. The "Sound" option is totally up to you.


For Android, open your Settings, and go to Apps. Then, find mySugr. Scroll down and tap on Notifications and be sure that the notifications are ON there.



Easy peasy!

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