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How many points can I earn when logging data into the app?

Each part of your entry will help gain points toward your daily 50 point goal to help tame your monster. Some sections have more points than others, so it can be a bit confusing, so we thought we'd share the list with you:

Points list:

Entry Type
Location 2
Tags 1/context
Blood glucose 2
Meal entry 2
Meal description 3
1st Pic 3
More pics 1/pic
Insulin Long Acting 3
Bolus (Food) 2
Bolus (Corr) 2
Temp Basal 2
Activity entry 3
Activity description 3
Steps 3
Pills 1/pill
Notes 1
Blood pressure 2
Weight 2
HbA1c 3
Ketones 2
Nutrition tags 1/context


Remember, adding as many points as you can not only help you get a LOT of points but also helps you to gain a BUNCH of valuable information about your record. So, when you're asked about a blood sugar 3 months and 5 hours ago, you can give your health care provider the most information possible. ;-)

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