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How do I change my diabetes type or year of diagnosis?

Perhaps your diagnosis has been changed due to new laboratory findings at your doctor's office, such as when some with Type 2 are found to actually have LADA for example. Keeping this section updated helps our Coaches in the Bundle to know how to properly coach you on topics you may ask about.


It’s super easy to update this diagnosis change within your app, along with your diagnosis year. Here’s how:



Open the mySugr app and tap More on the bottom far-right side of your screen.


Tap Profile & Settings at the top


Tap the top section (either titled “About Me” or your name; It would show your name if you have not edited this section before)

Here, you can change your personal details: Your name, give your diabetes “monster” a name, and your basic therapy info.

Under “Basic therapy info”, you’ll see Diabetes type, Sex, Date of Birth, and Year of Diagnosis. You’ll want to tap on “Diabetes Type”

Here, you can just tap on the correct diabetes type for you, and voila! Your coach can now see your updated information.




Open the mySugr app and tap the 3 lines in the upper left corner (called the “hamburger”)

Tap Profile & Settings


Tap Therapy

Tap the top line that says “Diabetes Type”


Here, you can change your previous selection to reflect the correct information.

While you’re there, feel free to update your other personal details like year of diagnosis, insulin therapy, etc. The more information you’re able to provide to your Coach, the better equipped they are to help you tame the diabetes monster!

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