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How to make the MOST of (and GET the most points from) a logbook entry!

When starting a brand new log entry, there are many different options available to help you enter data about that particular point in time regarding your diabetes. Each entry allows you to add things like:

Entry Type
Location Nutrition tags Activity entry
Tags Insulin Long-Acting Activity description
Blood glucose Bolus (Food) Steps
Meal entry Bolus (Corr) Notes
Meal description Temp Basal Blood pressure
Pictures Pills Weight
  HbA1c Ketones


These entries can help you to put more context to what was happening at that time so that you can get a clearer understanding of how that moment may have affected your glucose levels. The more you add, the more context there is, and it makes it easier to remember later. 

Make sure to add as much as you can. For instance, here's an example logbook:


Here, you can see that the user has added 3 entries for the day (the sections under the long green bar):

  • In the first entry, they've added a picture, blood sugar, carb amount, insulin amount, and a tag for the type of carbs. Each of these is a separate entry type (or data point).
  • In the second, they've added a blood sugar, carb amount, and another tag.
  • And, finally, in the third, they've logged a blood sugar, activity time, and steps for the activity.


Every time an entry is made, you can see the glucose level is plotted on the graph, and the averages and/or totals for the day being added to the "Today" section above.


As you can see, you can add many different data points to just ONE log entry. Bonus: the more data points you add, the more mySugr "points" you add up towards taming your monster for the day!

Here's a video, too:

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